How to boot a server

Port forwarding

When you boot a server, you need to setup port forwarding for your router. Default port is 7777 and 7778. Protocols are both TCP and UDP.

You can edit your port number in the setting file (Installation Folder)\UDKGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini. Edit the line of "Port=7777" and "PeerPort=7778". (Note: PeerPort must be +1 of the Port number)

Listen server

When you boot listen server, follow the following steps.

  1. Setting up port forwarding.
  2. Select "Boot Server" from the game menu.

Dedicated server

When you boot dedicated server, do the following steps.

  1. Refering this config lists, edit config files.
  2. Execution file is here: (Installation Folder)\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe
  3. Open command prompt, go to the above folder. Then execute the following command.
    udk.exe server [FirstMapName]?AdminPassword=[AdminPassword]
    [FirstMapName]: (Note: This must be set. You can refer all map names from here.)
      (Example : the correspondence of map name to map file name)
    • Map "Town": MYM-Town
    • Map "Ruin": MYM-Ruin
    • Map "Fortress": MYM-Fortress
    [AdminPassword]: The password of Adminlogin.

    (Example) To launch dedicated server with first map "Town" and admin password "abcdef".
      udk.exe server MYM-Town?adminpassword=abcdef
  4. Launch game client separately and check your dedicated server is in the server browser list.
  5. (When launching dedicated server often, shortcut or batch file are convenient.)
  6. Note: Ban info is in UDKGame.ini (section [MyGameM.MyGameMInfo] of "BannedNIDs" line). When launching game after editing DefaultGame.ini, ban info is all copied and cleared from DefaultGame.ini. So when editing DefaultGame.ini, please copy and paste ban info from UDKGame.ini to DefaultGame.ini.

Config file of dedicated server (sample)

To boot dedicated server easily, you can use the config file below (DefaultGame.ini). Download the config file and then edit two lines.

Config file (DefaultGame.ini) for dedicated server

  • Search "DedicatedServerIP=" line, and then input your global ip.(Enable only ip address. Server name disabled.)
  • Search "DedicatedServerServerName=" line, and then input your server name.

Then overwrite to (Installation Folder)\UDKGame\Config\Default.Game.ini. If you need, backup orizinal file.

After this, boot dedicated server this way.

Joining to the local dedicated server

If you want to join the dedicated server running on the local PC, you cannot join throgh server browser. Take the following steps.

  1. Check your local ip. ( or something like that)
  2. Open server browser, and press "Input server ip and join" button.
  3. Input your local ip and port number, then press "Join" button.

Config Lists

Config folder is (Installation Folder)\UDKGame\Config\

There are two kinds of config files (Default***.ini, and UDK***.ini). Edit Default***.ini files.(UDK***.ini files are automatically made by the game engine when launching game.)

Config Lists

Admin commands

Pressing "~" key or "F12" key, you can input console command.

How to AdminLogin

  • Input "AdminLogin [password]"

Kick player

  • After adminLogin, input "AdminKick [PlayerName or PlayerID]"
  • If the player name contains 2 bytes character(s), input "PlayerIDList". You can refer all player name and PlayerID list.
  • Find kick target PlayerID number, then use the number.

Ban player

  • Input "AdminKickBan [PlayerName or PlayerID]"
  • If you clear or edit banned list, exit game and edit "BannedNIDs" line in (Installation Folder)\UDKGame\Config\UDKGame.ini .

Console command list

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